19 May


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There is two shifted vehicle support for the students who live at Parbatipur and Badargong for which they can easily attend the class in time.
Sl No.    Details
 1.          Kholahati To Badargonj
 2.          Kholahati To Parbatipur
Bus Timing:


From Parbatipur: 1st Trip- 6:50 am, 2nd Trip- 7:50 am
From Badarganj: 1st Trip- 7:00, 2nd Trip: 8:00

From Parbatipur: 1st Trip- 7:20 am, 2nd Trip- 8:20 am
From Badarganj: 1st Trip- 7:30, 2nd Trip: 8:30
*The authority may change this timing for special occasions and events through special notice.