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General rules of BUSMS

General rules of BUSMS

Rules and regulations concerning students’ duties and responsibilities

♦  The students concerned with special coaching must be present in the institution at 7:40 am.

♦  General students must be present in the institution at 7:50 am

♦  After 8:00 am main gate will remain closed. Students who will come late will not be permitted to enter the institution.

♦  Students must put on the selected dress. For any kind of indiscipline, students will be fined and expelled from the institution. Students are asked to pay their tuition fee before assembly, at the time of Tiffin hour and after school hour. Guardians are requested to pay the tuition fees of their children.

♦  Students must maintain discipline at the time of coming to school and returning to their home.

♦  Students are strictly prohibited to leave the class before the break of the school and move about through the corridor and in the campus.

♦  In all respects presence is compulsory, counsel is given to develop relationship among the students.

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