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Online Admission

Online Admission

.The procedure of admission begins after the result of the SSC examination. Here the students are usually admitted to class eleven as per instruction of the education board if vacancy is available. The guardians expecting their sons or daughters to take admission to the college section need to know the fallowing information-

♦  Admission notice is hung on the notice board two weeks (it may also be lesser than two weeks) after the result of the SSC examination. One can also collect it visiting the institution’s website.

♦  Admission notice may also be found in one of the daily newspapers as advertisement .

♦  The interested students need to collect the admission form from the office of the institution.Admission form can also be downloaded from the website.

♦  The students intended to take admission to class eleven should have the following minimum GPA in the SSC level:

SL Group Minimum GPA
1 Science Group 4.75
2 Humanities 3.00
3 Business Studies 3.00





However, the above mentioned required GPAs in the SSC level for collecting admission form may also be reset.

♦  The students are selected for admission according to the GPA that they obtained in the SSC examination. They need also to appear at a viva voce.

♦  The result of admission test or the list of successful students who are allowed to get themselves admitted into this institution is hung on the notice board or published in the website.

♦  However, the students who pass the SSC examination from this institution can take admission to class eleven (XI) directly with the prior permission of the principal.

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